Does my room have internet access and phone?


The college buildings have complete coverage by a wireless network. You will have unlimited download with variable speeds with terms and conditions. You will need to bring your own computer.

There is NO direct dial phone in your room.

Do I have to provide my own linen?


You need to provide your own linen. The college will provide a mattress protector for your bed. You also need to bring towels, pillow and bed linen. You are responsible for laundering these items.

Does my room get cleaned?

Only if you clean it. Our cleaning services don’t clean individual bedrooms. There is a vacuum cleaner provided in your unit. Cleaners clean the bathrooms and common areas. Your room needs to be kept to a minimum health standard.

Do I have to vacate my room during vacations?

Our year runs for 41 weeks. The only time you must vacate your room is between the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Can I get a late meal if I am at uni late?

If you are going to be at uni late you can order a late meal. You will be provided with a plate and lid to drop off to the kitchen on the day.

Is there a selection process for residency?

We do have a selection process. You can apply at any time, and it is not necessarily first-in best-dressed to secure a room. You must pay the deposit to ensure that a room will be reserved.

Do I get to choose my room?

You may indicate a preference; however Raymont Lodge makes the final decision.

I have special dietary requirements, will I be catered for?


We cater for all types of dietary requests, once we are aware of them.

Is there off-street parking available?

There is limited off-street parking.

How close is uni from Raymont Lodge?

QUT Kelvin Grove, QUT Gardens Point, UQ St Lucia and Griffith South Bank campus are all 10-15 minutes away by car. Buses, ferries and train are all within five minutes walking distance from Raymont Lodge.

Can I have visitors stay in my room?

You may have visitors on the premises until 11 pm. After that they must leave the Raymont Lodge accommodation area. When visitors are in your room you must keep the door open.

Immediate family is permitted to stay overnight in your room for short periods for a nominal fee after office approval. The college will provide a stretcher bed for your room. You will need to provide linen.

What is the security like?

We have security cameras at all entrances to the accommodation. You will need to pass through two locked doors to enter your room. We have updated all of our locks to a swipe system. Our supervisors lock up each night at 11 pm.

Is there a curfew?

There is no curfew. You can come and go as you wish. Noise needs to be limited after 9.30 pm and visitors to the premises must leave by 11 pm.

What is the difference between Alcorn and Primmer?

The main difference between the two is the size of the room. Alcorn rooms are generally 2 m2 larger in size.

Is Raymont Lodge an alcohol-free college?

The campus at Raymont Lodge is alcohol-free. We do not allow alcohol on-site in any form. Residents are free to consume alcohol off-site; but they are not permitted to bring it into the college.