Congratulations, Eden Annesley

Congratulations, Eden Annesley

Eden Annesley  |  Raymont Resident 2022 and Secretary, Raymont Resident’s Association

Congratulations, Eden Annesley, on receiving the prestigious New Colombo Plan scholarship! Eden shared her exciting news this week.

“I am delighted to be announced as a New Colombo Plan Scholar for Japan for 2023! The New Colombo Plan is an Australian Government Scholarship scheme presented in conjunction with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, supporting up to 19 months of study, internships and language training in the Indo-Pacific region.

I will be studying my Honours degree at the International College of Liberal Arts in Kofu, Yamanashi (Japan), understanding the role of cultural policy laws in the protection of intangible cultural heritage. In addition to this, I hope to intern in Phnom Penh with Cambodian Living Arts, an NGO centred around revitalising the arts sector after the devastating effects of the Khmer Rouge. The journey will start in late 2023.

Thank you so much to the Griffith University and valued help and support from the Griffith Honours College, Victoria Menzies SFHEAKim Bury and Kim Holmes, and support from Rebecca Cozens and Justin Ellis with CV and drafting. Secondly to my mentors Julia Hill and Anna Twomey who provided multiple opportunities for feedback and interview practice, training from Tanner Noakes, referee support from Associate Professor Michele Walsh and Professor Naomi Sunderland, and valued support from Jette Kristensen and Dr Dale Mason from Raymont Residential College. Finally thank you to my beautiful family and friends for the support I received through the application process. It was an absolutely wild four months of ideation and application and I am so excited to begin my program in 2023!

And finally, thank you to friends and family for your incredible support and encouragement. I couldn’t have got here without you all! #NCPPDT #NewColomboPlan