Our Team

Message from the principal, Richard Niessl

Established in 1944, Raymont has a wonderful history of supporting students in the pursuit of their academic studies. Since that time, students have lived, studied and grown in all aspects of their life while residing at Raymont. While there have been many changes to the college and our society since that time, our vision remains focused on enriching the well-being and supporting the academic development of all students within a caring community built on Christian values.

This is achieved through a number of programs including our ‘Flourishing at University’ series, tutorial programs, sporting teams, organised social activities, Christian fellowship and the newly introduced Leadership Certificate course. We maintain an active residential assistant programs in which senior students are selected as mentors and we have a number of staff that oversee these program while also providing specialist academic, pastoral and spiritual support.

It is a great privilege to contribute to the personal, academic and spiritual development of all students residing at Raymont. I know that I speak on behalf of all Raymont staff when I say that we look forward to providing the best available support to see the next generation of professional graduates develop the skills, confidence and leadership to flourish in their future professional roles.

Richard Niessl

Our Team

Mr Richard Niessl
Responsible for implementing the College vision, developing student support programs and interacting with schools, universities and prospective students.
Dr Dale Mason
Adjunct Academic Advisor
Supports the Dean of Students in the provision of individual academic support including the development of study plans, university course changes and work experience.
Mr Stephen Longbottom
Contributes to the friendly community through his interaction with all students, the provision of counselling when required and the provision of spiritual support.
Mrs Kym Wildman
Responsible for seeking, supporting and managing student applications and enrolments at Raymont Residential College.

The Raymont management team comprises staff who provide a combination of administrative, catering, pastoral and community support services to residents.

Administration staff are responsible for all front desk operations, including payments, banking, resident records, maintenance issues and management support.

The on-site catering manager oversees the total catering service for the college including staff resources, menu planning, safety and adherence to health/hygiene standards.

Chaplains are on campus at least two nights each week and are available for support and/or counselling. Arrangements to see the chaplains at other times can be made through the college office or the senior residential assistants (SRA).

Senior residential assistants provide a critical role in supervision of the site for residents between the hours of 5 pm and 8.30 am on weekdays, and between 5 pm on Friday and 8.30 am on Monday and public holidays. SRAs also offer a point of contact for residents and short-term visitors who require assistance; they provide first aid as necessary and act as emergency wardens and after-hours emergency contact amongst other duties.

SRAs are usually in their third year of residency and have previously held the position of RA or Residents Association president.

Each year a number of returning residents are appointed residential assistants (RAs). To be considered as RAs, residents are usually in their second year of residency and will have demonstrated a responsible and competent work ethic. Their role is to offer support and advice to new residents facing the challenge of undertaking tertiary studies away from familiar surroundings.