Fee Schedule

Raymont Residential College – Full year 2022 fee schedule

Raymont accommodates students from all four major universities (QUT, UQ, Griffith, ACU) and all other accredited tertiary institutions in Brisbane. We have contract periods to cater for this diversity. Our main contract periods reflect the major university calendars. For institutions that have different academic periods than those listed below, we will provide a personalised contract period and fee schedule.

The contract period includes the mid-semester and mid-year breaks, and students do not need to vacate their room during the contract period. No credit is given for periods of absence from College during the contract period.

Main contract periods – full year

Tertiary Institution Duration Start Date End Date
University of Queensland 40 weeks 13/02/22 21/11/22
QUT, ACU, Griffith Conservatorium 39 weeks 19/02/22 21/11/22
Griffith University 37 weeks 04/03/22 21/11/22


Main contract periods – Semester one

 Tertiary Institution Duration Start Date End Date
University of Queensland 20 weeks 13/02/22 04/07/22
QUT, ACU, Griffith Conservatorium 19 weeks 19/02/22 04/07/22
Griffith University 17 weeks 04/03/22 04/07/22


2022 Residential fees by room type

 Room type Rate per week Annual fee
40 weeks
Annual fee
39 weeks
Annual fee
37 weeks
Alcorn Single $498 $19,920 $19,422 $18,426
Primmer Single $480 $19,200 $18,720 $17,760
Alcorn Twin $388 $15,520 $15,132 $14,356
Seniors House and Apartment
$265 $10,600 $10,335 $9,805
Seniors House and Apartment
(full board)
$468 $19,920 $19,422 $18,426


Other compulsory charges – per annum

Fee Amount Purpose
Student Association Fee $250 Collected by Raymont on behalf of the Raymont student social club
Orientation Activity Fee $190 Payable by all new full year and semester one students for orientation activities held at the start of the academic year.
Self-catered Utilities Fee $200 An annual fee payable by residents of the Seniors House and Drysllwyn Apartment.


Fees and other charges, due dates, and payment options are set out in the Raymont 2022 Fee Schedule and Raymont 2022 Fees Information.

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