Meet Diana—international student from Colombia and Raymont resident!

Meet Diana—international student from Colombia and Raymont resident!

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I grew up in Bogota, the capital city of Colombia with a population of approximately 10 million people. As you can imagine, it is not easy to move around, and commuting times can be very long. However, Bogota is a paradise located in the centre of the country where you can find a variety of multicultural activities for everyone. The city does not have traditional seasons, so you learn to not trust any weather forecast and just be ready for sun and rain on the same day.

I’m currently studying Business Management, majoring in Marketing. I started my degree in 2014 and decided to do my last year at the University of Queensland (UQ) as part of a 3+1 program offered by my home university.


How was the journey to Australia (including Raymont)?

Once I had the offer letter from UQ and my visa approved, I started to look at life in Brisbane. Through this research, I realised that location, nice facilities, services included and value for money were important for me in accommodation.

Raymont checked all the boxes.

It took less than one month to complete my application for the college and the registrar was very supportive. She filled out all the documents for me and even agreed to picked me up in the airport.  My parents were happy and relieved that I had found a good place to live, where I did not have to worry about doing the shopping, cooking or cleaning. They felt secure that I was arriving to a safe place in Australia and did not have to look for accommodation upon my arrival, which really concerned them.


What set Raymont apart?

This was my first time living by myself, so I had to make sure I selected the appropriate accommodation. Raymont is a UQ approved accommodation provider, which gave me confidence.

However, what I liked most about Raymont were all the extracurricular activities it offers to succeed as a university student with tutorials and leadership certification. Also, Raymont has spaces for relaxation such as the gym and the pool.  What else could I ask for?!


What is the best thing about the Raymont experience?

The fact that you are living together and sharing everyday helps to build long lasting relationships, you become a little family with the other residents of your unit. This has been instrumental in me not feeling homesick at all. You always find someone to talk to.

In addition, all the academic support that Raymont has provided me is amazing!


How has Raymont prepared you for the real world?

Raymont has helped me become a more well-rounded person and provided me with several skills to succeed in the real world. As an international student, the tutorials helped me proofread and improve my assignments with more academic English and I achieved remarkable grades in my first semester. My written communication skills have been enhanced, as well as my leadership skills. I did the Leadership Course Certification to enhance my knowledge about how to be a good leader, and the final session at the Wesley Community Service requires you to put those learnings in practice.

Additionally, Dr. Dale, who is the academic counsellor was fantastic assisting me with my thesis. He even contacted one of his colleagues at Oxford to read my thesis. He was wonderful providing me with insightful feedback. Both were very supportive and we could submit it one month earlier. On top of that, Dr. Dale offered me working experience that was valuable to my degree in a Communications and Marketing department. I could not be more thankful for everything that Dr. Dale has done for me.


Would you recommend Raymont to others and why?

YES! Specially if you are an international student. The amount of support you get here is unbelievable. The fact that you don’t need to worry about cooking and cleaning, leaves you with lots of spare time to do what you like and there is always something going on at the college. You won’t regret it.


What’s next for Diana?

Lots! I have loved my time at Brisbane and studying at UQ. Eight months have not been enough to enjoy all the opportunities offered here, so I decided to keep studying and do a Masters in Business at UQ in 2019.