Meet Lucas—from small country town to the city

Meet Lucas—from small country town to the city

Leaving his small-town roots behind, Bundaberg local Lucas Hansen, has moved to Brisbane where he now lives at Raymont Residential College while studying audio engineering at the SAE Brisbane campus.

The St Luke’s alumnus didn’t know what to expect when he first moved to Brisbane in 2017.

“I’m from a small country town and at first, Brisbane wasn’t what I thought it was going to be,” says Lucas. “But at Raymont, I have found somewhere really nice and homey and the people are amazing.”

The college has been hosting students since 1944, with staff and offices based in a heritage-listed mansion. Raymont is less than four kilometres from many major tertiary institutions and universities with access to all public transport options.

“It’s just at that distance where it’s right on the outskirts and not that far from the city but far enough where you don’t have noise problems,” says Lucas. “It’s a really nice place.”

The close-knit residential college in Auchenflower is one of Brisbane’s best kept secrets, with numbers capped at 120 residents who enjoy on-site facilities including a swimming pool, library, study house, gymnasium, recreation spaces and laundry.

“I had a look at other residential colleges throughout Brisbane and Raymont offered the best amenities,” says Lucas. “They cook and offer every other facility we require. And if it’s not here, it is within quick walking distance.”

Lucas’ father stayed at Raymont Residential College while studying at university in the 1980s and was able to reminisce during a stay in 2017.

“My dad was able to see where I was living at Raymont, which brought back a lot of memories for him,” said Lucas.

Raymont is not your typical residential college with points of difference including pastoral support and an alcohol-free policy, which suits Lucas.

“It tightens the focus of everyone student who lives here,” says Lucas.